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Reading Groups – Fish


In class this week, we will continue to read Fish by L.S. Matthews.
To stay tuned in with our Literature Circles roles, each week, you will complete a role based on the chapters we have read during class. This week, we are focusing on Literary Luminary.
On the server,  you will find chapter 2 of Fish. Read chapter 2 on your iPad and complete the Literary Luminary role.  A reminder of the role is stated below:

Your role is to locate a few special sections of the text that you think your group would like to hear read aloud.

The idea is to help people remember some of the sections of the text that might be interesting, powerful, funny, puzzling or important.

1. Choose a passage from chapter 2, to share.

2. Justify why you chose that passage.

Possible reasons for choosing a passage to share:

  • well written
  • confusing
  • interesting
  • surprising
  • important to the text

Don’t forget to give examples from the text!

Once you have completed the above activity in your workbook, share your work with another member of your reading group.

Reading Groups

For one of your activities in reading groups this week you will be reading a digital resource on an Asian country – South Korea.

1. Visit and type in the username and password. See board.

2. Click on the link ‘Discovering Asia’.

3. Click on the link ‘South Korea’.

4. Read through the chapters of the online book by clicking on the arrows in the bottom left corner or via the ‘Table of Contents’.

5. Answer the following questions as a comment to this post:

a) What different text types are included in the online book about South Korea? Why do you think there is a variation and not all the same one?

b) What are some similarities and differences between South Korea and the country you are investigating for your Getaway clip?

c) List 5 facts that you now know about South Korea.