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Multiple Intelligences

Today in 5M we completed a Multiple Intelligences survey.

This survey helped us to find out what areas we are ‘smart’ in.  It also was good to find a out a bit more about each other and our strengths. We realised that ‘smart’ doesn’t necessarily mean you are just good at writing or maths.

One of the great things about this activity is that it showed us that their are many ways we can learn new information. This can help us when we are struggling to understand a new topic at school and it is being taught with words (linguistic – word smart), we may like to ask the teacher to draw a picture to help us understand it better if we are Visual/Spatial (picture smart).

Here are the 8 multiple intelligences…

Kinaesthetic – Body Smart Linguistic – Word Smart
Logical – Number Smart Interpersonal – People Smart
Intrapersonal – Myself Smart Musical – Music Smart
Visual/Spatial – Picture Smart Naturalistic – Nature Smart

What kind of ‘smart’ are you?

Do you agree with the result? Are you surprised?

How could this help you at school?