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BtN – CyberSmart

Watch the video below and then answer the questions as a quality comment to this post. If you get time, explore the ‘Related Information’ section next to the video on the BtN website.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 7.49.35 pm


1. Summarise this BtN video in a few sentences.
2. Which website recently launched a campaign to encourage Aussie kids to pledge their commitment to stop bullying?
3. What does cyberbullying mean?
4. How is cyberbullying different to bullying someone face-to-face?
5. Why do you think some people that bully online would never do it face-to-face?
6. What is trolling?
7.What are some strategies kids can use to help deal with cyber bullying?
8.List some positive aspects of social media and communicating online.
9. How did this story make you feel?
10.What do you understand more clearly since watching the BtN story?