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Did you know?

For our magazine page this year, we will be having the topic ‘Did you know?’. I would like you to write a 3 sentence paragraph about something you have learnt this term in our Natural Disasters unit. It could be about tectonic plates, volcanoes, seismographs…the list is endless.

Please write your paragraph as a comment to this post 🙂

Natural Disasters

This week you will be working in cooperative pairs to research a natural disaster. You are to research and answer the following questions together on Keynote and then will present your findings to the grade.

What is the natural disaster?

Where does it occur and why?

What damage does it cause?

Find some historical examples of your natural disaster.

If you find a good website for others to use, please leave a comment with the link. Thank you. Happy researching 🙂

Integrated – Cultural Diversity

This week we will officially begin our integrated unit…

We will be looking which cultures make up the world’s population, Australia’s population and our class’ population.

You will need this link for our last activity:

Which of the statistics in the “If the world was a village of 100 people” video was surprising to you? Why?

Why do you think people from so many different cultures have migrated to Australia?

After looking at your ‘infographic’ from the Spotlight website, how many people in Australia share your cultural background?

Wellbeing Keynote

In reading groups and when you have some finishing off time over the last couple of weeks of term, we would like you to work on your Wellbeing Keynote. You started this at the beginning of the term. This Keynote will reflect what you have learnt over our Integrated unit: Wellbeing.

Some ideas for slides might be:

  • A slide for each of the body systems from our rotations: Muscular System, Digestive System, Skeletal System & Nervous System. Reflect on the activities you participated in and any facts you learnt from each session.
  • A slide each for the four healthy living rotations you participated in: Mental Health, Sleep, Nutrition & Physical Activity. Reflect on the activities you participated in and describe why each of these areas of health are important to our wellbeing.
  • Research the answers to some of the questions you had at the beginning of the unit which you haven’t found out the answers to yet, eg. Why do we blink? Why do we get sick? etc.
  • Anything else you have discovered this term that you find interesting or would like to share with others.

BtN – Food Additives

Watch the video below and then answer the questions as a quality comment to this post. If you get time, explore the ‘Related Information’ section next to the video on the BtN website.
1. Why are additives used in some food?
2. MSG (monosodium glutamate) is a…
a. Preservative, b. Colouring or c. Flavour enhancer ?
3.Why are some people concerned about additives in food?
4. Explain the eating program being trialled in a school.
5. Describe the health and behaviour differences the children noticed after
making changes to their diet.
6. Do you think there should be more information about additives on food
labels? Why or why not?
7. Are you concerned about additives in food? Why or why not?
8. What was surprising about this story?

What fun we are having!

During our Linking to Thinking unit, students in Grade 5 have been participating Survivor! They have been really enjoying all of the activities…from Shooting Hoops to the Memory Challenge to Guessing Movie Theme songs! It has been so great to see everyone in 5M getting along well with each other and giving each activity their all. Can’t wait for the whole year level challenge on Friday afternoon!

 What has been your favourite Survivor challenge?

What new skills have you learnt through participating in Survivor?

If you had to pick one more challenge to add, what would it be? Why?

BtN – Kids Sleep

Watch the video below and then answer the questions as a quality comment to this post. If you get time, explore the ‘Related Information’ section next to the video on the BtN website.
1. What’s the last thing you do before you go to bed?
2.What has a new study found about using electronic devices before going to bed?
3.The light emitted from electronic devices can affect how well we sleep. True or false?
4. When it gets dark, your brain clock decides it is sleep time and tells another part of your body to release what chemical?
5.Why do we need sleep?
6.What can we do to get a better night’s sleep?
7.How much sleep do you think you need each day?
8. What are 3 facts that you learnt from watching this BtN video