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GRA prediction

We are very excited to begin the Global Read Aloud here in 5M and what’s even more exciting is we are going to be connecting with another class from overseas (stay tuned for more information!). Each week we will have a chance share our thoughts about the book, whilst also getting to know a bit more about each other and our schools 🙂

The book we have chosen to read is Fish, by LS Matthews. Below you will see a picture of the book’s cover and the text from the blurb. Your task is to write a prediction about the story. Make sure you look closely at the front image and read all the the text so you can justify your prediction. Think about the story’s characters, setting and plot. Good luck!

My story starts the day that my parents told me we must leave our adopted home forever. Because of the soldiers and the drought we barely had enough to eat and we could no longer stay to help the people in our village.

Right before we were leaving I saw a fish in a small brown puddle and I knew I had to take it with me. The journey would be hard to get across the mountains—to the safety of the border and the people there who could help us. Yet when I put the fish in the pot I never realized what we would have to face. It never occurred to me to leave Fish behind.

A subtle and sophisticated exploration of life, the strength of humanity, and survival in an unforgiving world, Fish is a story that will teach those who doubt that, when hope is almost extinguished, miracles can happen.

Matching Fractions with Decimals

Hi everyone its Miss Buhov!

Once you have finished your fractions and decimals worksheets I will get you to answer these three questions as a comment to this post:

1. What did I learn?

2. How did you work it out?

3. How did you know they were equivalent?


BtN: Ocean Rubbish

For those of you who are at school on Thursday, here is a BtN video for you to complete. It fits in very well with out CBL challenge – ‘reduce your impact on the environment’.

Watch the following BtN and answer the questions as a comment to this post. Don’t forget to answer in full sentences and check you spelling and punctuation.
1. Summarise this BtN story into your own words.
2. How many pieces of plastic end up in the world’s oceans every day?
3. How does plastic get into the ocean?
4. What can happen when plastics stay in the water for a long time?
5. What are microplastics?
6. Why are they harmful?
7. What is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch?
8. Explain Boyan Slat’s idea to clean up the garbage patch.
9. What can be done to prevent plastics from reaching the oceans?
10. What do you do to help the amount of rubbish entering the ocean?