Last 2 weeks of Grade 5 :)

Over the next few couple of weeks, there are are many work tasks that need to be finished. Please refer back to this post to ensure you are on the right track!


  • Buddy stories


Finishing off tasks that have already been started:

  • Mars Project
  • Shape City
  • Blogging


Please click here to find your end of year activities menu. Please select tasks that you are interested in and will be able to complete to the best of your ability. Some links you might need are:

IMPORTANT – Lit Circles change of date

Due to our excursion tomorrow, we agreed as a class to change our session 5 Lit Circles from Thursday to Friday this week.

We have just found out that the Montmorency SC band will be visiting our school on Friday. With this added activity and with sport and Pegasus, we won’t have time to complete session 5 Lit Circles. It will now be moved to Monday 30th. Session 6 will now be moved to Thursday next week and the last session 7 will be on the following Monday.

If you have already completed the activity – congratulations! You have the weekend off 🙂

Moon Phases

Once you have created your November 2015 calendar, you are now ready to start filling it in! Below is a website where you can go back to the start of November and fill in the moon phases from 1st November to the 11th November (today).

Don’t forget for each day to include:

  • A drawing of the moon
  • The name of the moon phase
  • The % full
  • The moon’s rise and set times

Good luck 🙂

Click here to visit the moon phase website!


A contraction is a shortened form of one or two words (one of which is usually a verb). In a contraction, an apostrophe takes the place of the missing letter or letters. Some contractions are: I’m (I am), can’t (cannot), how’s (how is), and Ma’am (Madam).

For example, “don’t” is a contraction that is short for “do not”; the apostrophe in “don’t” takes the place of the missing “o”. Another example is “o’clock,” a contraction “of the clock.” A less common example of a contraction is “jack-o’-lantern,” short for “jack-of-lantern”; in it, the apostrophe takes the place of the missing “f” in “of.”


On your blog, make a post about contractions. Include a definition, some examples and reference your work.

BtN – Space Rock (Assessment Task)

Watch the following BtN video and answer the following questions on a Pages document. Remember to answer in full sentences and use your best spelling and punctuation. This task will go into your portfolio and demonstrate your understandings of how to watch a video and respond to questions.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 9.20.21 am

1. A meteor recently exploded above what country?
2. Describe the damage that was caused by the meteor.
3. The force of the meteor that recently exploded was 20 times bigger than an ________ bomb.
4. How are asteroids, meteoroids and comets different?
5. What are meteoroids and asteroids generally made from?
6. Between what two planets would you normally find asteroids?
a. Mars and Jupiter
b. Earth and Mars
c. Saturn and Uranus
7. When a meteoroid enters the Earth’s atmosphere it’s called a _____________.
8. How are meteorites valuable to scientists?
9. Many scientists believe that a major collision between asteroids and the Earth 66 million years ago contributed to the extinction of what species?
10. What was surprising about this story?

GRA: Fish – Week 3



Click here for a copy of Fish – Chapter 4


Your role is to find connections between the text in the following three ways –

Text to text: Text to text connections are when we compare the text we are reading to other similar texts. These texts could be books, movies or a TV show.

Text to self: Text to self connections are when we connect the text to our own experiences.

Text to world: Text to world connections are when what we are reading links to what is happening in the world.

Use the Pages document below to complete the activity. Feel free to add more rows if you need them :)

Making Connections

BtN – Space Suit

Watch the following BtN video and answer the following questions as a comment to this post. Remember to answer in full sentences and use your best spelling and punctuation. Good luck 🙂

1. Write a short summary of this BtN story.

2. What are some of the disadvantages of the space suits being used at the moment?

3. How is the Biosuit different to the older ones?

4. How does the body change in the weightlessness of space?

5. On a mission to Mars that takes about two and a half years, you would come back with the hip bones of a __________.

6. How does osteoporosis affect bones?

7. How does the suit help prevent it?

8. The pretend spaceship shown in the BtN story is called the ___________.

9. Illustrate an aspect of the BtN story in your reading book.

10. What do you understand more clearly since watching Space suit story?

Census @ School Data

Today we will be looking at data and then graphing it on Numbers. We will be learning about what graphs are appropriate to use for different data sets.

1. Your task is to visit the following website  Census @ School

2. Look at Table 1: Eye colour. Enter this data onto Numbers and use it to create a graph you think is appropriate. Explain why you chose that particular graph and why you think it best displays this data.

3. Look at Table 11: Method of travel to school by state. Enter the date for Victoria onto Numbers and use it to create a graph you think is appropriate. Explain why you chose that particular graph and why you think it best displays this data.

4. Pick any other set of data from another table on this website. Enter it onto Numbers, graph it and explain why you chose that particular graph and why you think it best displays this data.

Website to help you figure out which graph to use:

Comparing Graphs

Below I have created a number of graphs using the same data. The data used was how many points a football team scored in the first 6 weeks of the season.

When we collect data we need to make careful choices about to represent it and which graphs are appropriate to use.

Your task is to look at the graphs below and give reasons why particular graphs might or might not be helpful to answer a question about this data set. Good luck 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 2.38.44 pm

Bar Graph

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 2.38.50 pm

Pie Graph

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 2.39.12 pm

Line Graph

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 2.39.29 pm

Scatter Diagram


Reading Groups – Fish


In class this week, we will continue to read Fish by L.S. Matthews.
To stay tuned in with our Literature Circles roles, each week, you will complete a role based on the chapters we have read during class. This week, we are focusing on Literary Luminary.
On the server,  you will find chapter 2 of Fish. Read chapter 2 on your iPad and complete the Literary Luminary role.  A reminder of the role is stated below:

Your role is to locate a few special sections of the text that you think your group would like to hear read aloud.

The idea is to help people remember some of the sections of the text that might be interesting, powerful, funny, puzzling or important.

1. Choose a passage from chapter 2, to share.

2. Justify why you chose that passage.

Possible reasons for choosing a passage to share:

  • well written
  • confusing
  • interesting
  • surprising
  • important to the text

Don’t forget to give examples from the text!

Once you have completed the above activity in your workbook, share your work with another member of your reading group.

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